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P.Y.T. Classes

Improve. Your. Lifestyle.

Pole. Yoga. Twerk. - Level 1

This Full Treatment Course starts you with the basics of pole, yoga and twerk. Whether you’re looking to learn new dance moves or hone in on your existing talent, this class is not your average level 1 pole fitness course. The instructors are committed to giving each student attention while also moving the class forward with ease. We focus on inverts, wrist sits, splits on the pole, Reno sits, & much more. We will start you off with some of signature P.Y.T. moves that you didn't know humanly possible for a beginners class and trust us, you'll find yourself walking on your elbows and in a backwards tumble hold sooner than you thought.

'Exotic Pole-Ups'

One of our Exotic Fitness classes, 'Exotic Pole-Ups', will provide you with the techniques necessary for lifting and supporting your body weight on the pole. Whether you are looking to gain strength to make transitions easier or you just want to build muscle and exercise with a pole,  this is the class for you! We will explore 6+ different grips to create magic on the pole and get your upper body strength conditioned for more advanced pole moves.

Lavish Lap Dance 101

This Exotic Fitness class is another favorite among many of our students! Here we will learn the sexiest contortion techniques for the proper lap dance as well as how to chair dance with & without a person in the chair! This class is perfect if you want to perfect your lap dancing skills or if you are just looking for a fun and sexy way to exercise. 

Transitions & Combos

In this Exotic Fitness class, we will teach you how to put pole, yoga and twerk techniques together in a sensual routine. We will go over everything you need to know to transition from the floor to the pole and back up again smoothly. Our goal is to appear as if we are floating and every move we make effortless, and this class aims to provide you with the necessary tools to unleash that and claiyour inner sexy.

Pole. Yoga. Twerk. - Level 2

Led by a dedicated team of strong & bendy instructors, this level 2 class will have you moving from the floor to the pole in a jaw dropping routine in no time. Many of our dancers love taking this class, as it gives them the opportunity to learn new movements and easily showcase their talent. Learning fun techniques like the butterfly, handsprings, side climbs, Superman, handstands, twerking in yoga position & much more in this Full Treatment Course.


Led by the kings and queens of twerking, our dedicated team of instructors will help you build twerk strength through muscle isolations  in no time in this fun Exotic Fitness class. 'Azzetz' is unlike any work-out class you've experienced before, because it takes yoga skills and embraces them with twerking techniques to open our sacral chakra and create the perfect twerk. Size does not matter in this class, we promise to help you find your twerk, just ask our past clients,  it's a class favorite - all booties are welcome!

Sexy-Flexi Training

This Exotic Fitness class will introduce you to things you didn’t think were possible and P.Y.T.'s warm & patient instructors will be right by your side to ensure you stretch properly! This class will focus on deep stretches to condition and prep your body  for pole and floor work. This class is a great addition to our Full Treatment Courses as it gives you the proper ways to stretch and allow your body to build muscle and recover on the days you're not training primarily in pole, yoga or twerk.  

[O.P.P.] Open Pole Practice

This Exotic Fitness class is a favorite among many of our students. Everyone loves the opportunity to explore the new moves they have learned, and our O.P.P allows you to practice freely and create combos and routines in our studio space! 

Pole. Yoga. Twerk. - Level 3

Our P.Y.T. Full Treatment Courses are offered in multiple levels. We start you off on levels 1-3 to determine your skill set and then we work our way to the top of the pole. This level 3 class is not the highest course we offer, but it is a major stepping stone in P.Y.T.'s program. Everyone loves the opportunity to explore the high level moves taught in this class, while also mastering the classic moves. Our amazing instructors make sure everyone gets individual attention while keeping the class collaborative. Learning fun moves like the caterpillar, to the shoulder mount into the Superman and extreme yoga moves like putting your legs behind your head and twerking! 

'Exotic Twerking'

Look no further if your goal is to get stronger glutes, an amazing workout and some amazing twerk moves! This Exotic Fitness class combines  yoga & twerk to teach you moves like twerking handstands and headstands. It's a super fun and sexy way to improve your exotic stage sets or spice thins up at home with your special someone! This class offers everything you need to know in the realm of exotic twerking.


This Exotic Fitness class is perfect for you if you are looking to get your sexy back or maintain it! We focus on unique and fun exercises to keep those abs working and to help you build muscle memory. This class mainly focuses on your core strength on and off the pole to help you build your confidence and achieve your desired skill level.