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P.Y.T. Class & Tour Schedule

P.Y.T. Fitness offers monthly classes to accommodate and work with each individual interested in the art of pole, yoga and twerk. No matter the level, we work from a healthy foundation and grow at our own pace. Each class we will go in depth in order to build upper body strength and flexibility as well as fine tune our abs and twerk skills! Our local classes alternate between pole, yoga & twerk along with specialty training to condition our bodies to advance to the next level. Our monthly classes in Las Vegas & Los Angeles are 60 mins long and cover everything you need to know at your pace. These monthly classes are designed to replace your days at the gym and offer you a more versatile and unique way of exercising. Our monthly programs are great for anyone who is looking to train in the art of pole, yoga and twerk.

*Keep in mind that we tour the U.S. and a few countries, so check back in with our schedule monthly so you don't miss us. We can't wait to meet you and improve our lifestyles together!